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Digitally Secured, 100% Verifiable

Manage your identifying information directly from your personal device.

Verify with your Device

Ditch the plastic ID and start using your smatphone to verify your personal information!

Voice your opinion

Participate in public polling and help Dublin learn valuable information about its residents!

Digitally Secured

Keep your personal data secured. Review who has access to your data and revoke it when necessary.

Receive Rewards

Receive Reward Points for your participation and redeem them for city merch and discounts!

How It Works


Registration is quick and easy. Simply allow the city to verify information such as your name, birthday, and address. The information provided will be used to generate your digital identity and in moments you'll receive access to your new ID.


Use your Dublin Identity to provide proof of your identity for dozens of services with the City. Signing in to public meetings, answering residential polls, or signing up for your rec center membership are just a few of the ways you can use it.


Know your data is secure and you have the only key. All of your data is encrypted and everytime it is accessed or shared Dublin logs the event to their Blockchain. Review who has access to your information and revoke access when desired.

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Your Digital ID

Dublin Identity is an identity management application giving users direct control over their personal information.

Using the most up-to-date security practices, Dublin Identity allows users to verify individuals pieces of their identity while keeping the remaining parts private.

Register in person with a city official or remotely in just a few easy steps. The choice of how much data to register with the city is yours!

Register in Seconds

Using the remote registration process, Dublin Identity allows you to self-register for your digital identity using your phone.

The amount of information you provide for verification will be used determined the level of access and features available to your account.

Using a State ID, the Dublin Identity application allows you to fully register from the comfort of your home in a matter of seconds.

Get Started

By choosing to 'register with your State ID' you will be prompted to follow a few simple steps.

Start by taking a picture of the front of your State ID. After you've capture a clear picture, flip it over to scan the back.

Using your phone's camera, Dublin Identity will scan the back fo your ID and automatically capture the necessary personal information.

Complete Registration

All thats left to register is provided a selfie for the city to compare to your State ID and verify all of your information is correct.

Congratulations! You're registered.

Start using your new digital identity today for a more secure tomorrow.

Secure your Digital Identity today!

Dublin Identity is available on both iOS and Android. Download now to get started!